So you’ve decided you want to become a Titan-killing machine?
Good! But first you must prove yourself by making an incredible amount of straps before joining the ranks! This little tutorial will show you how I made my Attack on Titan pleather straps. I personally wanted my straps to be rather sturdy and durable to make it more viable that these things could actually function as they would in the series. Also, you can of course apply this to straps and belts of the non-Shingeki variety.

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Give it up, I’ll teach you how to…

A shot I wanted to do since the entire “Nude Erwin” craze started, as a tribute to amazing art by pazunoart. The original can be found here.

Erwin Smith: Yours truly [WorldCosplay]

Photo: AVATAR.designs

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Did you know that we at ELEVEN ARTS had an exclusive interview with Masakazu Morita, the voice of Yukari Mishakuji in K MISSING KINGS at this year’s Anime Expo? Take a look at some of the questions we had for him, as well as all the other fun at the World Premiere!


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Introducing the new character Mishakuji Yukari in K Project the movie

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K Missing Kings+cast

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「K」 Missing Kings
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In honour of Jean’s birthday.
This is probably the only way I will ever ship Jean and Mikasa.

Oh God I think I’m in love.

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