K: Missing Kings  Mishakuji Yukari
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Seriously, this guy* is always optimistically speaking nonsense.
Regardless of whether it's friend or foe,
One's sense of duty or one's human nature,
Logic or truth,
She will only say whether she likes it or dislikes it,
Or whether she wants to do it or doesn't want to do it.
...However, the me,
That has become used to her unfamiliar ways,
Is also me.
Seriously, the Black Dog and this girl pisses me off.
I said I'm not in the mood to get along with you guys.
...It's not like you cheered me up or anything.

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The Parallel Between Boyfriends.(с)

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hahamiya asked: Fushimi or Yata?
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have a monkey in your dashboard

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[KMK]-Stick posters

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Homra’s Vanguard: Yata Misaki • 八田美咲

happy birthday Yata! [07/20]

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K Project - quotes 

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